How to setup 8.is mail on iPhone/iPad

In this example we use "demo@8.is" as example email. However enter your FULL email everywhere where it is described.

Even if you setup mail for "mydomain.is" , like "demo@mydomain.is" , HOST NAME with always be MAIL.8.IS, not MAIL.MYDOMAIN.IS !

1. Click on "Settings" in your Home screen


2. Click "Mail" and then "Accounts"


3. Click "Add Account"


4. Click "Other account" or "Other"


5. Click "Add Mail Account"


6. Enter your Full name and Surname (this will be used when sending emails, full email, password and name of your account as it will be shown in your iPhone/iPad


7. Click on "IMAP" or selct "IMAP" and fill in Mail server details . Remeber - all mail server HOST NAMES for both sending or recieving are "mail.8.is", USERNAME is always your FULL EMAIL ADRESS


8. Click on SAVE (Keep NOTES switched OFF )

Congrats, you can now use your mail on your iPhone/iPad !